DELTA Has Launched!
The Limited Staking Window has successfully come to an end. DELTA is now tradable on SushiSwap, the rLP tokens are claimable and the Deep Farming Vault is producing yield! Make sure to claim and stake your rLP to earn yield from the Deep Farming Vault.
Current Deep Farming Vault APY
DELTA APYup to -- %*
rLP APY-- %*
DELTA is live!
You can now claim your tokens
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*APY calculations are based on current DELTA price taken from decentralized exchange prices. rLP prices used in APY calculations are based on the rLP costs from decentralized exchanges. APY of the Deep Farming Vault is not fixed, but variable based on vesting interruptions and other mechanisms. Deep Farming Vault yield constitutes about 90% DELTA and 10% ETH (in the form of WETH).
version 0.1.7