The Limited Staking
Window is open!
Delta's LSW is ongoing. Early participant can earn up to 30% Bonus rewards.
Make sure to checkout our Referral Program to maximize your rewards.
Limited Staking Window
5 Days 17 Hours 29 Minutes
Until Limited Staking Window Is Closed
What is a Limited Staking Window?

Delta is using a special event called Limited Staking Window to launch its tokens. The Limited Staking Window allows participants to stake Ethereum and receive rLP tokens in return. at the end of the Limited Staking Window (March 4th, 9:30AM PST).

The window will remain open for 10 days, rewarding early stakers with a bonus of up to 30%.

Once the Limited Staking Window closed, participants can claim rLP tokens and stake them in the Deep Farming Vault to earn yield.

The Delta token will launch on Uniswap and become tradable while the first liquidity rebasing will increase the minting price of rLP by ~150%.

Contribute to the Limited Staking Window
Contribute Ethereum to receive Delta’s rLP token, after the LSW ends.
Delta Referral Program
Refer your friend and receive 5% bonus in credit and 5% in ETH. Your referral will get a 10% bonus to their initial contribution.
Prepare for Delta’s Limited Staking Window
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